The logo of the ACACC.

The Armored Captain's Anti-Crime Clan (or ACACC) is a clan of crime-fighter number captains that are led by Captain 20. There are currently sixteen members, but they are recruiting more. Each member is based on a TV character type (knights, ninjas, cowboys, etc.) and every one of them does not have superpowers, but their weapons are cool enough for them to be considered as having superpowers.


The ACACC was created when three Number Captains were bored with their lives and wanted to fight crime so they invented this thing called the ACACC where everyone would get some weapons and become crimefighters. They started just beating up small villains in Raccoon City and Possum City, but they quickly got bored and then started fighting bigger villains like Captain 1 and Captain 2. But suddenly...the Satanist Empire arose with their vicious Captain 9, and the ACACC were presented with a much bigger problem. Even more shocking, one of the members was Captain 20's old friend...Captain 10.

They are also good friends with Captain 0. The Legion of Captains recently merged with it.


Each member of the ACACC wears a sort of hat or something protecting their forehead with a maroon "C" (With the exception of Captains 10 and 50 as Captain 10 removed his while he was evil, and Captain 50's is yellow to be unique. By an extent, Captains 10 (as of rejoining the clan), 100, and 1,000 have black "C's" on their hats and their numbers are red, blue, and yellow respectively) on it. Each member also has a plated vest onto their chest with their number on it (EX: Captain 47 would have the number 47 on his vest) and a loadout of weapons.


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