Oh my god Falco watch out!

Armights were a collaboration between Sparta and the Squadala Man to combat Ducky's Quadgun, then they realised swords cannot break metal, so they tried to exterminate them all, but they escaped and became a full on species.

Contrary to popular belief, the helmet and swords are not attire, rather parts of their body. Armights roam everywhere in Europe, Africa and Asia, and like to jab people with their swords, and can sometimes detach them from their body, and grow new ones. Armights have steel bodies for some odd reason, and smile like a certain actor.

Many of their kind are being wiped out every day thanks to Sparta and the Squadala Empire killing them with poison, but Soviet Russia has preserved tundras for them because, well, this is the Soviet Union, we know them, they also have a Card made by The Chosen One.

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