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The Freak With the Hood

The Freaky Leader

Peter Ugg

Peter Ugg

Darth Mall

His ugliest servant

Count Dooku


Darth Vader

Scary One

Freak with the Hood is a dangerous and evil man, and he owns an entire empire! Due to this, he needs a large collection of apprentices to serve him.

He met his first apprentices in high school.

He then started recruiting. He went around the galaxy just to get more apprentices.

Then he sent them on a mission, and all but one died.

He used a scam to get famous people to help him.

They all quit after he tells them they are his slaves.

Micheal forgot his keys, so he comes back in to grab them.

Then he goes back outside, and drives away.

Freak with a Hood commands Darth Mall to find possible replacements.

Freak decides he want the human one, so he goes with Count Dooku. He sends Darth Mall into a mission with mo possible chance of survival. He doesn't survive.

Count Dooku is killed by Darth Vader. Darth Vader takes his place because he has the same first name as Freak's best apprentice.

Freak and Darth Vader die.

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