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Anything Wiki is a wiki ruled by Captain 1, where he makes everyone write highly informative articles about everything that exists, always demanding more information and more evidence to back it up, as well as more evidence to back THAT up, and so on. Anyone who writes false information is killed instantly. It has a secret alliance with Wikipedia and Wikia.

Anything Wiki was founded by Captain 1 about five minutes after Wikipedia was founded. This is because Captain 1 is a jerk, and wanted to create competition just to make Jimmy Wales mad. However, Jimmy thought this was funny, and they became friends. Then, they started working together to make informative wikis, and this makes us madder than a raging bull with a pie on its head!

We are currently working on eradicating Anything Wiki, but Captain 0 and Captain 1 have yet to stop fighting, so no negotiations can take place. Even when we sent in George W. Bush, he got nothing done. So far, UnAnything Wiki is currently winning!

We will get these N00bs one day, if it's the last thing we do!

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