Antiques roadshow
Antiques Roadshow is a really boring show that always features the weirdest crap. There is always a crappy painting of a horse worth $5,000 dollars. Why!? It is just some s**tty painting that no one would ever hang up in their house. Old People like this show. Although, this show wishes it was as cool as Pawn Stars.

What Always Happens

The Antique Roadshow always go to some crappy town with nothing but old white people. There are never any black people. EVER! That just shows how racist this show is. Anyway, there is always a bunch of lonely, middle aged appraisers giving the longest back story to a horse painting. He lays says something like, "what you have here is a late Victorian Age Fabrushey Equus Caballus painting by James Ikklenerger." Then the viewers say, "what the hell did he just say?" Then he appraiser says more s**t that no one can understand. After he says that, the viewers say "tell us the damn price already!" Then, after ten minutes of smart people talk, the appraiser says, "after much consideration, I would have to say, *DRAMATIC PAUSE*, your item is worth, *ANOTHER DRAMATIC PAUSE*, in today's market, *ANOTHER DRAMATIC PAUSE (seriously?)*, at a conservative auction, *ANOTHER MOTHERF**KING DRAMATIC PAUSE* $700." Then the old lady with the item says "wow, really!?" Then the viewer says "are you f**king me! We waited ten minutes to hear that piece of s**t! It's only worth $700! This is a load of bulls**t!" Then the old person who watches the show always says, "wow! Back in my day paintings like these..." And that is Antique Roadshow.

Weird Things On The Show

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