Anti Fatman

"I be strollin' they hatin'!"

Anti Fatman is a skinny guy who is the exact opposite of Fatman. Nobody knows why he does this, probably just because it makes him look cool. He is always trying to kill Fatman somehow.

He was NOT born in Possum City like most of Fatman's enemies. He was born somewhere in Opussom, but nobody knows where. When he heard about how heroes were becoming common, he put pictures of heroes on a wall. He then threw a knife at the wall. The knife landed on Fatman's picture, so he moved to Possum City, became Anti Fatman, and tried to kill Fatman several thousand times.

Moment of Sanity

Of Anti Fatman's entire life, he had only one moment where he could be considered sane. He was working on his newest missile, and several large metal parts fell on his head. He was hit so hard, he was actually sane for approximately thirty six seconds.

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