Antarctica is known for its diverse landscapes and lush wildlife.

Antarctica is the desert wasteland that's COLD! A COLD DESERT WASTELAND! Can you imagine a desert that's cold? like, come on man.

It is home to the Umbrella Antarctica Base. All the penguins moved here as well after Jeff the First Polar Bear scared them out of the North Pole.

Antarctica was formed when Mr. Cold needed a hide-out. He used his super-freeze gun to zap some of the ocean, but it wasn't big enough. He tried climbing onto an iceburg, but he fell in the ocean. So, he hooked up a mega freeze-ray from outer space, and aimed it at Earth. It made Antarctica. He had finally invented a freeze ray that could freeze entire continents!

Afterwards, he disabled the freeze ray so he could go to Antarctica and plan how to freeze large areas. After he was arrested, Antarctica remained. The Space Invaders came, and brought some of their native creatures, such as penguins. They left them on Antarctica as spies. Unfortunately, the animals were too stupid to be spies, so they became earthlings.

Now, Antarctica gets some minor tourism, but it is still (mostly) a COLD DESERT WASTELAND! Gorthan, Destroyer of Light got sent here once and he got lost. It is the place the original Toad is frozen. Evil Snowmen run wild here, eating tourists and singing bad christmas carols. Jeff the First Polar Bear is the first polar bear who ever lived in Antarctica.

Googolplex and the other Satanists invaded all of Antartica and turned it into a wasteland, but then years later Pepsiman and his fellow Pepsi lovers invaded half of Antartica (Western specifically) due to the latter's grudge on the former.

Coca-Cola Bear formerly occupied the eastern half of the continent as the Coke Federation, but due to his loss in the Soda Civil War, his redemption after said war, and moving his country to the North Pole, Mr. T occupied the eastern half and turned it into the even better Republic of T.

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