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The rumored Anonymous.

Anonymous as he is known on Wikia.

Anonymous is some guy we don't know. This means he's Anonymous. This means we don't know who he is. This means he's Anonymous. Etc... Anonymous could be many things. Some say he is a ghost. Others say he's a computer hacker. Then there are those who believe Anonymous is a mere legend. Personally, we here at the UnAnything Wiki believe that Anonymous is one of the signs of the end of the world.

Recently they stated:

noledgg is free.

we r anonimus

wee r ligeon

we donut furg1ve

we d0nt furgit

except us

A typical Anonymous member making a very serious threat to an illuminati zionist scientologist.



Nicky Romero - Toulouse

The only known video of anonymous.

It all started one day on 4chan. A bunch of clowns and ninjas were randomly stalking the internet when they thought it would be funny to put on lotsa masks. Then they ran outside screaming about freedom or something. This is how Anonymous began.

Little else is known about Anonymous. Is it one man? Or is it many? Is Anonymous good... or evil? Real... or legend? Some say that Anonymous lurks around the UnWorld, just waiting... We're not sure what he/she/they/it is waiting for... but Anonymous is waiting.

Nowadays they're just a bunch of fat guys wearing fedoras thinking they're badass, revolutionary and anarchistic.[1]


  • Anonymous is a group of masked vigilantes that roam around Possum City.
  • Anonymous is a creation of the internet, a cyber-monster.
  • Anonymous is just some guy who has a desk job somewhere, not notable in any way.
  • Anonymous is Evil Guy.
  • Anonymous is a ghost story to scare little children.
  • Anonymous is anonymous.
  • Anonymous is an actual ghost here to eat our souls.
  • Anonymous is a sign that the end is near. (<---- Let's go with that one.)
  • Anonymous is Dr. Who.
  • Anonymous is Santa Claus.
  • Anonymous is God.
  • Anonymous is The Devil.
  • Anonymous is a figment of our imaginations.


  • It doesn't have a face.


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