The Annoying FNAF club is a horrible fanbase that infamously is nothing but about Five Night's At Freddy's. It is full of cringe, annoyances and loads of unfunny stuff. So be warned.


This so called "fanbase" was established in August 2014 by a Youtuber named Markiplier who uploaded a game play of the first FNAF game and saying how spooky it is, from there on, A FREAKING FANBASE WAS DESTROYED.

There Activities

  • SFM videos - The only people who make this stupid shit are 16 year old faggots just to tell you how unfunny they are. All of them are completely awful as fuck. Infamous users who make this crap are Typhoon Cinema and UTLIM. It doesn't help that the Steam Workshop catalogue for SFM is inundated with crap like this either, drowning out those works and/or asset conversions from other games.
  • The fanart - Oh the horror! It's not shitty it all. Just depicting a ugly animatroinc as a shit figure, eww. Most of this is even on a site called Deviantart.
  • The butthurt creeps - Most of them are 8 year old kids and teen wussies who get angry if they say anything bad about FNAF or anything about that.

Members of this annoyance

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