Cquote1 Anime is really awesome! I recommend you to watch Boku no Pico! Cquote2
—''', Typical weeb
Cquote1 12 year old girls with breast implants? Looks like I've found the perfect show for me! Cquote2
—''', Pedo Bear
Cquote1 It's amazing how works of art such as anime can be degraded into something that causes degeneracy and affects the health of the masses, whether it be mentally or physically. Cquote2
—''', Albert Einstein
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This is what an "anime" is.

Anime is a psychological operation created by the Japs during the Second World War as a means of defeating the Muricans. The word "anime" is actually a diminutive of the word "animation" and was created to infest the minds of those who watch it and alter them to degeneracy.


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This is what you watch.

Anime was originally a propaganda made by the Japs to persuade people to side with the Japanese during the Second World War. After the propaganda failed, the Japs then decided to use it for psychological warfare and was released into the public for its watchers to become less-competent and be social outcasts. The operation is successful, however, it spiralled out of control and became known worldwide. It does not just stop there, oh hell no, other forms of media related to anime were formed to further divert the minds of people into stupidity. This includes: manga, cosplaying, hentai (sub-genre of anime), etc.


Due to it being a global-hit, anime managed to spawn a new and lower form of humans known as weeaboos. It is also because of anime that the world is now collapsing and is transitioning into a land full of mindless, incompetent, creatures.

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