The ​Angry Sun is a insane killer, and the third most violent German füher ever. He's famously known for burning Germany... twice.

He looks angry.


The Angry Sun was born immortal and A LONG TIME AGO. He's the sun's little brother but, is way more dangerous. After, being kicked out of space for being too violent to stars and moon's people don't care about, he landed on Earth. The country he landed in was Germany. He later got to become the füher because he would burn the German government if he didn't get the power of their ruler.

Angry Sun was very violent and killed too many people, mostly entrepreneurs and citizens who could dare step into Germany during this faithful time period. He couldn't be stopped and the government was out of control. He started many wars, with communism (That entry kinda doesn't make sense), ignorance, boredom, terror, drug's, and immigration. Clearly this was the worst of Germany as everyone had to join the army, or get thrown into prison/burned alive. Something had to be done.

He later finally, got put into the German Prison, forever and his son became fuhrer. To our

Looks like some Immigrants came to Germany

surprise he's still alive and is in the prison's basement. If you ever somehow see him, RUN LIKE HELL AWAY FROM HIM RIGHT NOW! His unrank is no joke, nearing that of an undefeatable wise. Seriously, you can not ever kill this guy. 

Rumor has it that the Angry Sun has escaped the German Prison (with help from William "B.J." Blazkowicz of course) and now hides out in the deserts of the Mushroom Kingdom. All he wants is a friend, but he kills Anybody he touches.

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