Mighty Eagle is the most wanted member of Angry Birds.

The Angry Birds are a group of retired soldier birds who kill green abnormal pigs by doing suicide attack. This group was founded by Red Bird (Leader of the group) in 1958, in Dinosaur World. Red Bird first created this group because Dr. Robotnik and Mama Luigi were having fun shooting their bretheren, but their attention turned to the pigs when Germany invaded with an army of them. They are the superior version of Flappy Bird.

Angry Birds are still active and are still trying to defeat the green pigs. The battle takes place at Pac-Land.



  • Mighty Eagle is the only bird that doesn't die when he attacks the pigs but he's a lazy a** after he attacks.

Pink Bird & White Bird are the only female members in the Angry Birds group.

  • Mighty Eagle is one of the most destructive bird along with Terence and Orange Bird.
  • Blue Bird can multiply into three birds.
  • Orange Bird is orange.
  • Mordecai always wanted to be a member of Angry Birds but he ends up to work at a park.
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