Android being mad about not having Supper Mario Bros.

Android was created by Mega Man and was intended to be the Nokia N-Gage's BIGGEST COMPETITOR! However he doesn't have Supper Mario Bros. on it so basically it became worthless and nobody bought it. Legends say that if you type in the secret code it will catch on fire!

However in 2020 it was found that he was tampering with the Captain 0's Pizza website and then was sentenced to OVER 9000 years in the Cadbury Prison Jail Factory for being bad. However the phone just teleported out and is currently roaming the world for any person interested in buying his product. (Spoiler alert there isn't.)

Eventually he just gave up and now is telling Falco to "Burn my bread" while Falco tells him "Hands off my bread." Mario eventually learned of this and just says "All toasted toast toast." for 20 minutes. Eventually Android's head went WTF BOOM and asploded from all this bread toast stuff.


  1. He has PTSD from being a failure
  2. Every one of Apple's employees hating it for "supporting capitalism."
  3. They bury every employee who uses any competitor's phone.
  4. He takes everything too seriously.
  5. He is dead.
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