Jackson looking awesome.

Andrew M. Jackson (A.K.A. "The Belittling, Power Hungry, Once Mighty Army Commander General Seventh President of the United States of UnAmerica") was the self-proclaimed seventh president of UnAmerica. Born in 1788, he worked as an army commander in the War of 1812 and successfully managed to run the Germans and Antarcticans out of the country, thus winning the war. Because of this, Jackson was praised as a hero in UnAmerican society, and he eventually became the seventh president in 1845. He is known mainly for being the central antagonist of the Anime show From Sea to Shining Sea. He was praised as a hero back in the 19th century, but he is now universally hated for killing off the UnNative Americans, which was delved further upon in the aforomentioned Anime. He also started the Spoils System


Andrew Jackson, on the outside, was a proud and righteous warrior, leading the UnAmericans to victory in the War of 1812. However, this was only a shell of his true self - deep inside, Jackson was a cold and heartless individual, despising the Constitution and every American citizen. He marvelously hated Henry Clay, and finally revealed his heartless intentions by killing off all the UnNative Americans in vain. However, people still praised him as a hero, leaving Jackson free to do whatever he wanted to the country.


During the climax of From Sea To Shining Sea, Jackson is finally killed during the final battle with the main protagonist, Bob, who sought to save the Indians but failed. However, during the final battle, Jackson is finally killed by a surviving indian chief, a good friend of Bob, named Yeast.

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