Ancient Geeks compared to Modern-day geeks.

Do not confuse with the Ancient Greeks.

The Ancient Geeks were really old nerds who were the founders of Nintendo and made several Mario shames. They were also some of the only people who watched the TV show, George W. Bush's Idiot Adventures.

The Ancient Geeks also wore glasses and were easy targets for people to beat up. Weird Al joined the Ancient Geeks during the filming of "White and Nerdy" but quit after that because he found them to be extremely annoying and... geeky. Most Ancient Geeks are now dead and replaced with Modern Geeks.

The Geekiness

Geeks love to play retro video games on their Atari 6540/8970/5678/Lynx Bullet/Chaguar, or their Sega Shaming System/Shaming System 2/Bomb System/Sonic The Hedgehog/NightmareCast, or their NintenD'oh Entertainment System/Super NintenD'oh Entertainment System/66/Shamesphere/BS/Zii, or their Philips CD-i, or their Clecolvision, or their UnIntellivision, or their PC, or their Microsoft Xbox 360, or their Sony Play Station Bandicoot.

On all these consoles they insist on playing the worst shames imaginable and often suffer from Cbeebies because nerds are similar to six year old children.

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