Anias Watterson
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Gender: Female
Hair color: Pink
Eye color: Black
Species: Hell Rabbit
Home: Anywhere
Death: Was shocked by lightning when trying to play poker with Zeus.
AKA: Aniees.
Likes: To eradicate all homosapiens.
Dislikes: Suckups who think they can kill better than her like Gumball Watterson.
Education: She knows every details about the entire universe.
Occupation: Murdering
Known For: Killing 7,000 people in a month.
UnRank: 22,000,000

Anais Watterson is a demented murderer that was imprisoned in an unknown German prison. She is the daughter of Nicole Watterson and Richard Watterson and is the sister of Gumball Watterson and Darwin Watterson. When people try to provoke this grotesque creature that resembles a rabbit, they would die immediately.



Anais was born in Hell when Richard Watterson & Nicole Waterson were battling Barney to protect Earth until Barney casted a spell to Nicole. That is when Anais came out. This spell was created by Dora the Explorer to destroy all known dimensions.


When she still had her innocence, most people mispronounce her name as Anus. She was offended by this and tried to kill anyone who mispronounced her name. She then realized that if every time people meet her, they would know her as Anus so she vowed to kill every life in every dimension. Except Chuck Norris because duh.

Her first victim was Seismo. Seismo was seriously injured before he was able to call the police. The police saw her and threw her into the German Prison for the rest of her life. They had to make the cell out of 24 K GOLD just so she wouldn't get out. But she destroyed the German Prison by stepping on it. The police were shooting her but it was no use. She was immortal so they threw their guns at her. One of them threw a military tank, but it missed her continuing its way into the ocean. Face it, all those guys DIED.

Anais was known to be the next Satan as it became 9001, where The Amazing World of Gumball only had Anais killing people in it. Soon, The Amazing World of Gumball became illegal because people were using it as a weapon to kill normal people when walking because that's what bad guys do.

However, Anais somehow died by a lightning bolt when playing poker with Zeus. She was then revived by Dora the Explorer to continue her plan to destroy the Earth.

Her assassin/vendetta suit.


  • She was the only surviving character in The Amazing World of Gumball because everyone died except Gumball Watterson somehow.
  • Don't read this page. Oh, you read it. Now you're screwed.
  • Chuck Norris is good friends with Anais.
  • You're supposed to pronounce Anais as (AN-I-EES), not (AN-IY-YIS).
  • If you pronounce it as (UH-NICE) within earshot, she will explode.
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