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Not to be confused with the shame with similar name.

This article is about the species. If you were looking for the disease, click here.

Scientific name: Susium biodomensis
Hair color: SUS
Eye color: Black
Habitat: Biodomes, Reddit, Philadelphia Niceu
Natural range: The UnUniverse, and Jupiter
Time alive: Unknown, but diverged before impostors did
Size: ~3'6
Edible? Theoretically, yes
Tastes like: Dead grass and broccoli (raw)

Bacon and chicken (cooked)

Preys on: Small insects, human minds, Cookies
Is preyed upon by: Teletubbies, Volneskors
Intelligence: No
Conservation status: Somewhat Endangered
Powers: AMOGUS, forced memeage, brain-rotting abilities, 'parodization'
Alignment: Hungry

Amogi (sing. Amogus) are bizarre, Crewmate-like creatures that inhabit bitcoin biodomes across the UnUniverse. Unlike crewmates, however, they have feet that extend like a human wearing a shoe, and nothing protruding from their back side. They were created when Luigi tossed a stone into outer space and it picked up a lot of delta radiation, which then hit a Crewmate causing it to turn into an Amogus.

They support LGBTQ+ rights, whatever that means.

They spread like Cordyceps fungi, and feed off of the brain matter of non-intelligent species. They were sealed off in the biodomes to prevent further destruction of the universe after the Great Amogus Plague of 2021. However, some of these cheeky little morons managed to escape and

oh noes

did the last narrator get amogus


They spread like fungus.


They are unfortunately immune to pesticides, but they are not immune to the pest killing effects of Tachyon Prisms.

They also have the ability to capture and consume the minds of those who stare at them for too long (much like a Weegee.) An infected person will recognize them everywhere, and see nothing except them.


They come from far away lands in the UnWorld, primarily in the Senegambia region. However, they are known to be present in Loompaland as well.

They all hate other species for unknown reasons.


  • They are actually friends with Tiky.
Louie.png Louie's Notes

Hmmm... from what I’ve heard, the amogus doesn’t really taste good raw. It tastes like grass and vegemite. Not too appetizing. But cooked is just a different story. Cooked amogus tastes like chicken mixed with bacon and pizza. Amazing!