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Amethyst Po
Evilness that is shiny.
Full name: Amethystsesis Mineius, "Po" The LVth
Gender: Female
Sexuality: What?
Hair color: Purple fur
Eye color: Glowing... Lavender?
Age: 500,000,000
UnBirthday: 5000 BC
Species: Mineral Tubby
Home: Mustard Mine (formerly)

Teletubby Land (currently)

Alive or Dead?: Crystallised, Dormant
AKA: Purple Po
Likes: Wishes that Fruit Loops were not the same flavor
Dislikes: Chuck Norris Underwear December 21st, 2012
Education: Mineshaft Academy of DOOM
Occupation: Mineral Teletubby Leader
Religion: IDK
Powers: That has a segment for itself.
Promotion: Promoted for making lotsa UnDollars (but not Spaghetti)

Amethyst Po is the oldest of the Mineral Teletubbies, a group who rival the Teletubbies. She looks just like the dastardly Po, but is made out of amethyst and has glowing heliotrope eyes. She is known for popping out of the ground and grabbing shiny things as she is also a kleptomaniac. You can tell where she is via a purple glow in the ground. She can turn this glow off for special occasions, evident when she is on a heist.


A big tremor made her in 500 BC, but a glitch made her age weird, she was dormant until Tinky Winky stepped on the ground she resided in, she bursted ou and tried to drag him in, but, she was distracted by the other shiny guys and followed them. She was taught in the Mineshaft Academy of DOOM to kill, this was the only subject taught at her school so she only knows how to kill, which is why that's her favorite hobby.

Once, Gold Tinky Winky and Diamond Dipsy got into a fight... as usual. Her leg accidentally was impaled by a pickaxe, so she needed to encase herself in crystal to heal, this crystal was secretly shipped to Captain 0 Land.


  • Shiny Blade - Amethyst Po turns her arm into a a dagger that can be used to, do I even need to tell you? We all know why people use sharp things.
  • Giant Amethyst Echidna - Amethyst Po turns into a giant amethyst Short Beaked Echidna that can eat foes.
  • Blinding Supernova - Amethyst Po will need to charge up alot of energy to release a giant flash that can blind a opponent.