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Alt 3.0 is basically yet another pointless Alt, and we don't have much information of her. That's all that makes her special, as not much is known to be different. We do know some things about her, but they are all listed on this page. So come on down, and read all information.

Birth[edit | edit source]

Alt 3.0 was originally intended to be male, but that idea was scrapped. The prototype became known as Alt 2.5, and he (Alt 2.5) is now the biggest loser ever. The actual Alt 3.0 is a girl, but she is not much of an idea. She runs on Linux, but she is planned to be dual-booted with Windows Infinity by 2030. Linux was a good choice for her, as she is now neutral. She's not evil, but she's not good either. She doesn't trust many people, but she had deals with Jesus Christ AND Googolplex . Nobody knows why, but it's predicted that she got her powers this way.

Mystery[edit | edit source]

Not much is known about Alt 3.0, as all pictures of her are low-quality. From the pictures (which aren't shown due to their poor quality), she looks like a Gray (about as gray as the Japanese Sega Saturn) Alt 2.0 with Alt 1.0's face, although that could just be the bad picture quality. She also doesn't like being seen in public, so we don't have much info. What we DO know of her is known via emails (the senders of which shall remain anomynous because we forgot their names), and other external methods of information.

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