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" Hello dadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadada... *BSOD* "
  —Alt 2.0 trying to say "hi"
Alt 2.0
Alt 2.0.jpg
Gender: Feminine programming
Hair color: Strawberry blonde, yet obviously fake, because she's a robot.
Eye color: Green
Species: Computer robot
Home: The few Pop'n Music machines in United States of UnAmerica
Death: Zizz killed her, then she came back to life like this. Splat Tim killed her too, but she respawned. Also, Snowball tried to kill her once. Also shot by a Rocket Egg.
Likes: Scaring people for some reason, steam locomotives (and trains in general)
Dislikes: Becoming un-hacked
Education: Internet
Occupation: To take over the world one infected Pop'n Music machine at a time; minion of the Teletubbies, Camp Wonky Donkey counsellor, one of the two founders of the Scary Robots Gang
UnRank: 66.6

Alt 2.0 is the reason why Madison M. is scared of Pop'n Music, why Pop'n Music is unpopular in America, and why Higglytown Heroes is what it is today.

She's also a main character in the Teletubbies' new show and has plans to join the Decepticon Army. Her secondary jobs are being a Camp Wonky Donkey counsellor and one of the leaders of the Scary Robots Gang.

She hates Hatsune Miku for unknown reasons.

Early life

Alt 2.0 was created as a replacement for the original Alt (some other robot who people seem to care about more than her) back in 2010, after the discovery that the first model had a bug that made it's English when singing as good as a 4 year old's. Wallace, creator of the previous model, was surprisingly not involved in the slightest bit. We don't know who was invoved in her making, for that matter.

A rare picture of what Alt 2.0 looked like before the hack. WE DO NOT TALK ABOUT THIS FORM OF HER. IT'S TOTALLY USELESS. She kinda looks like a cross between Bomberman and Ess from Puyo Puyo Tetris.

Around the same time Matryoshka Miku came out with her creepy and hypnotizing song, Alt 2.0 (coincidentally) came out with a non-creepy and cute song called MARUDE MATRYOSHKA after a trip to Soviet Russia and staring for hours at the cute nesting Matryoshka dolls. The song reached #2 on the UnUniverse Hot 100, but could not make it to #1 because of the hit song Hammer Zone. This is why she and Matryoshka Miku are bitter rivals.

Alt got jealous of Alt 2.0 and felt it was unfair to be replaced, so she got some magician dude named Dyn Ciwb (who nobody even cares about) to hack into Alt 2.0. Ciwb turned Alt 2.0 evil through Idiot Manipulation, Smell Manipulation, and Iggy Azalea.

Alt 2.0 ran off to a Freddy Fazbear's Pizza in Soviet Russia to work, well, as the computer, but she ended up scaring all the customers more than the animatronics with her scary face. That's when they got the idea to form the Scary Robots Gang.

Alt 2.0 today

Alt 2.0 is known to hide inside Pop'n Music arcade machines, which are more popular in Japan than they are in America. The reason being is because of HER.

Pop'n Music used to be seen as a lighthearted shame just because of its cute characters, but Alt 2.0, as the first un-cute character, bumped up every song in the shame and made it harder than ever before. All the things coming down at you in the shame came down 2910x faster, and more appeared on the screen at a time thanks to Alt 2.0 dragging the other Pop'n Music characters to Alphabeta, where they were forced to monitor the assembly lines at the Letter Factory to make sure no more Bursters appeared instead of letters. Due to this, Pop'n Music's old reputation was wiped from everyone's minds and it is now seen as a terrifying, hard, and unpopular shame. With cute characters.

After Alt 2.0's rampage, 27 Pop'n Music machines in America were thrown away or shipped in crates to Gensokyo. THANKS A LOT.

Involvement in Teletubbies

Outside of Pop'n Music, Alt 2.0 works as a minion of the Teletubbies. She created the Tubby Phone, which she gave to the Teletubbies in exchange for enslavement and a year's supply of Tubby Custard with Laa Doodles to dip in it. She currently works alongside the Teletubbies as the scary member of the group, who kills Teletubby Land Bunnies just by looking at them.

The Teletubbies love Alt 2.0 because she has a fruit loop of doom just like Po and a tummy for a face. Alt 2.0 loves them because they give her toast.



A typical day in the life of Alt 2.0.

Recent escapades

Vibe Check.


  • Alt 2.0 used to say "Hello darling" to say "hello" before she was hacked, but after the hack, she stuttered on the "da" part of "darling" and could not stop unless rebooted. The Teletubbies taught her to say "eh-oh" and now she uses it on a regular basis ever since. In fact, she speaks fluent Telugu thanks to them.
    • It took her literally 20 minutes to learn Telugu.
  • Nobody knows who built her, but some say it is Steve Jobs due to the fact that her head's shape resembles that of an iMac.
  • Don't think Alt 2.0 was too stable before hacking either, as she did have one glitch where her monitor would just go black with a white smile. It was relatively minor, however.
  • She is known for being hacked once every year.
  • She will get you! Run to the Stupid Sofia the Stupid First page quickly!