Alt 1.0
Hello darling

Good is the new bad! Wow, I just made a Descendants reference.

Gender: Feminine programming
Hair color: St-oh wait, strawberry blonde is evil. So, it's just plain red.
Eye color: No pupils
Species: Computer robot
Home: Good Teletubby Land; formerly few Pop'n Music machines in United States of UnAmerica
Death: WaWaBonziBuddy bit her head off, but then the Good Teletubbies built her another.
AKA: Alt; Alt Classic; The Original Alt
Likes: Wikia Contributors; being good
Dislikes: Evil stuff; WaWaBonzi Buddy
Education: Internet
Occupation: Singing. Just...singing. How BORING.
Known For: Rebuilding the Eiffel Tower; BAD GRAMMAR; just being not scary and not evil. Like a true Good Teletubby. Did I say too much? Sorry...
UnRank: 0/1. Not a fraction, but either 0 or 1 depending on the day. This is JUST BECAUSE SHE HAS A HIT SONG CALLED 0/1 ANGEL.

Alt 1.0

This is Alt 1.0, Alt Classic, the original Alt, or just plain ol' ALT. As you can see, she has a lot of names.

Alt 2.0 was built to replace her, and it's said that the replacement was a success despite that people still care about this Alt more than they care about Alt 2.0. Alt 2.0 was built to replace her because of Alt's awful grammar. She likes to sing, and for some reason, she can't sing without singing in terrible grammar. Her only hit song, "0/1 Angel", is a prime example of this. Yet for some reason, everyone loves it. Maybe because it's made of pure GOOD, like this Alt herself.


A.I. TECHNO 「0 1 Angel」-0

Yep. This is why an Alt 2.0 was needed.

She can't shoot lasers, scare people, sing the Little Einsteins Theme Song Remix, or create glitchy evil smartphones. What she can do is be nice, sing songs, and smile. Oh, and she doesn't stutter when saying "Hello darling". She also rebuilt the Eiffel Tower after it was blown up. People love her because she's good, but we don't. We prefer evil people. Evil is fun. A Wikia Contributor especially loves Alt 1.0 and does not stop blabbing about her, which is strange because AWC is evil but she is good.

In fact, rumor has it that because Alt 2.0 joined the Teletubbies, Alt is joining The Good Teletubbies. This is why Alt has YET ANOTHER NAME: Alt 2.0's Good Sister. This is also why WaWaBonzi Buddy bit her head off. But, the Good Teletubbies are GOOD, so they made her a new head.



  • People think Alt 1.0 is a ripoff of Hatsune Miku because they're idiots. Actually, because Miku is the bigger idiot, she ripped off Alt and admitted to it when Gabe interviewed her.
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