The Alphablocks are a group of living cubes who are also terrorists. They work for CBeebies. They even have their own Shames!

What are Alphablocks?

Alphablocks are a species of cube men that have captured letters floating in their tanks. They like to brainwash children in the UnWorld and terrorize various places. They have the ability to combine for a short time and create things out of nowhere. People think they are ripping off Scribblenauts with this ability, but the Alphablocks deny it. They can clone themselves if they have enough energy left.

History of Alphablocks

Alphablocks were created by some idiotic scientist then they all formed a terrorist organization to destroy Minecraft. But, then Roblox stopped them and they all got banished to Alphabeta. They then became the gang of cubes we all know today. They soon became rivals of the Numberjacks. This is the reason why some of the alphablocks are batcrap insane.

List of alphablocks

  • Alphablock A (former leader)
  • Alphablock B (co leader)
  • Alphablock C
  • Alphablock D
  • Alphablock E (hamster ball guy)
  • Alphablock F
  • Alphablock G
  • Alphablock H
  • Alphablock I
  • Alphablock J
  • Alphablock K
  • Alphablock L
  • Alphablock M (medic)
  • Alphablock N
  • Alphablock O (died in an explosion but revived)
  • Alphablock P
  • Alphablock Q (died of old age)
  • Alphablock R
  • Alphablock S
  • Alphablock T
  • Alphablock U
  • Alphablock V
  • Alphablock W (weapons expert)
  • Alphablock X
  • Alphablock Y
  • Alphablock Z (leader)
A typical alphablock

A typical alphablock. Notice how ugly their faces typically are.

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