Alphablock U is a loser who thinks he is cool, much like U. He wears Air Jordans.

Cool u

Doges hate him.

His life so far

Overall his life has been miserable until he was adopted by some not-so cool kids. He learned how to do the whip and nae nae and various other dances that kids these days do. He started wearing Air Jordans ever since he was born because they are the shoes that kids these days wear. Adults hate him because the music that he plays gets REALLY ANNOYING at some times. When he grew up he still has swag. But his life turned around when Chuck Norris challenged him to a cool duel. Chuck instantly won because he is Chuck. Alphablock U got mad. And when I say mad, I MEAN MAD AS A BULL WHEN IT SEES A RED CLOTH. He decided he should rob Chuck's palace when everyone is sleeping. Right when he stepped foot into the house Chuck noticed him with his all-seeing eyes and he threw him into the german prison, which was 100000 miles away. He is currently trying to break out of prison.


  • He wears everything in blue.
  • He also wears black.
  • Billy Mays is more powerful than him.
  • He is Chuck Norris' 249,295,599th victim.
  • Everyone wants to kill him.
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