Alphablock O is a very insane alphablock. He is also incredibly S.P.E.C.I.A.L.

A typical alphablock


His life so far

He was born from 2 very insane parents. He failed every grade in school and got a job at Macy's. He ended up burning down Macy's and now he will never get another job. Or will he? Alphablock O got a job at Alphablocks and learned how to terrorize people. One day he had enough of life and he flew a Pidgey into the same Macy's that he burned down, only it was rebuilt. About a week later he is revived by Alphablock W but now he is a bit smarter but still batcrap insane. If you hear someone calling "OOH EEH OOH AH AH TING TANG WALLAWALLABINGBANG" that means he might be nearby.

Stuff he did

  • Burn down a macy's
  • Attacked Hyrule
  • Cloned himself 999 times
  • Caught a Zubat
  • Beat up K
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