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As you can see, this is an alignment chart.

Alignment is one of the Forces of the UnUniverse, as well as one of the options of the Character Infobox Template. It's 2 scales from law to chaos, the tendency to abide by orders or do the opposite out of teenage rebellion; and good to evil, snooping as usual or not snooping as usual. Theres a total of 12 alignments, 9 conventional alignments and 5 other ones.

A person's alignment alone dictates the kind of decisions and actions they'll do, as interpretation and neuance is disallowed. For example, take Mario, he's a good guy who does good stuff because he's neutral good and can't do bad things because he's good.


Here's all the normal alignments from left to right and top to bottom, particularly in no particular order.

Good Alignments

Lawful Good

Lawful Good, the goodest of the lawfuls, or the lawfullest good. Here to fight for you, and fight for order. Either way, they're obviously the best kind of people because they do the most noblest of things. Examples include:

Neutral Good

" Oh how I hate those goodie goodies! "
  — I.M. Meen

These dudes are your standard goodie-goodies, most of the good guys fall into this category for some reason. I don't know they just weren't lawful enough? I think what separates them from just lawful good is that they beat up bad guys instead of locking them in prisons, but it's bad guys they're beating up. Examples not included:

Chaotic Good

These are folk doing the right thing, but at what cost? The ends justify the means, and in the end it doesn't even matter i mean it turns out good, so that's good, I guess. E.g.:

Neutral Alignments

Lawful Neutral

" Sorry Link, I can't give credit! "
  — Morshu

The law is a thing that exists and guides the primary decision making, good and evil are pretty balanced here. Perhaps Morshu really can't give credit. Here's a bulleted list of some of these law-conformers:


Neutral, the most boring of the alignments is an alignment that guys get when they either suck at being anything, try to be everything but that balances itself out, or just dudes who love perfect balance. Persons from this area aren't very good, nor are they very bad, and are benign to the law. Neutral guys are:

Chaotic Neutral

Non-conformists through-and-through. Law? No, I don't want that! Persons include but not limited to are:

Evil Alignments

Lawful Evil

Hey, business is business, and the law is the law. For some strange reason, business owners and kings fall into lawful evil. People in this category are the result of "Why can't we?" thinking. Why don'tcha conform to these guys will ya?:

Neutral Evil

Straight-up just bad guys. These people are EEEVIL!!!!

Chaotic Evil

These guys just want to see the world and everything in it burn, why? Ehh, no reason! May god have mercy on their souls...

Stupid Alignments

These alignments are very stupid! Why are they so dumb!!!


People who devote themselves to stupidity. Perchance it's out of humbleness, or out of fear of becoming smart


Idk, these guys are just really hungry for some reason. Or maybe they just lust for food? I dunno. Food tastes good.


These things are too stupid to be aligned, but yet again, they're not alive enough to be Stupid, or perhaps they can't be aligned. The following be savages I say verily!:


Guys who say they're part of the Democratic Party, and are obviously smarter than those stinky republicans.


Guys who say they're part of the Republican Party, and are obviously smarter than those stinky democrats.

User Alignments


The following users are bureaucratically aligned on this wiki.


These are sysoptically aligned unguys.


Guys who align the content to make sure it's not mild or spicy.

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