Alex Weegee

A rare Alex Weegee football card.

Alex Weegee is an ex football player from the 1950's who had to retire because he stared into Weegee's eyes.

Early Life

Alex was born under the name Alex Weber in New York, in the year 1933. He enjoyed doing nothing and playing shames all day. However, his father wanted to compensate for his crappy childhood, so he forced Alex to play rugby. Alex was the best rugby player ever, so he decided to play football.

Football Career

Alex went to college at Mars University and majored in cooking. He played football, won some games, and was drafted to the UnNFL. He played for the New York Mets football team which was no good. (That's why you have never heard of them.) In the 1958 UnNFL Championship Game, Alex was about to catch the game winning touchdown, however, he stared in Weegee's eyes and turned into a Weegee. He missed the catch and his team lost. It is believed he has turned to drugs and alcohol and may be dead.

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