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Alex Kidd's Pointless Adventure was a shame made for the SEGA Shaming System before Sonic was cool. It was initially going to be an action/adventure/shooter/strategy/RPG/racing shame of doom, but it was made into a platformer after they realized their technology was not advanced enough. This is probably because Everybody who worked at SEGA were Ancient Geeks.


Alex Kidd is prancing around town getting into trouble (like most kids), when suddenly everything ASPLODES! Except it's really just a stun grenade. But Alex thought it was an asplosion, so he goes to investigate. He discovers the evil Dr. Batman (actually a good guy) lurking about. Alex then spends the next seven months stalking following the doctor. Eventually Dr. Batman sues Mr. and Mrs. Kidd, and then gets a restraining order against Alex.

There is a hidden bonus level where Alex Kidd files a lawsuit against Dr. Batman. This level is only playable if the player inserts $100 into the shaming system. Since there's no money slot, this level is not playable. It features Peter Pan as Phoenix Wright and Superman as himself.


The shame has seen mixed reviews. Biased Ratings told us that it deserved a 2/10 but they gave it a 3/10. Rotten Tomatoes gave it 85%. ISN called it "Amazingly Average". Chuck Norris roundhouse kicked a copy of the shame.


  • This shame was not rated by the ESRB or PEGI because it was "retarded in the most elegant of ways". Squadala Ratings gave it a 0+ because they thought they were being funny.
  • When Chuck Norris roundhouse kicked a copy of the shame, he cursed the shame forever. Whenever Anybody plays the shame, they will usually die within the next three hundred years.
  • This was the first Alex Kidd shame to feature talking rabbits without rabies.
  • This shame was featured on a PBS special about Moon rocks.