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Albert Einstein (real name Albert-El) was one of the smartest people to ever live. He was born in Earth, and lived there for most of his life. He is known for doing more smart-guy things than anyone else.

Albert Einstein is a smart guy who does smart things for dumb people. He was born in 998, and raised in Evil Land. He was smart enough to run away (not many can do that), and he moved to the land where he helped create (and later ruled) Germany. He lived there until he was old. He is best friends with Bill Nye. He was also credited for creating the theory that 3 things in the world are infinite, human stupidity, the universe and the amount of Zubats in Dark Cave. He didn't create this one E=mc2 because he thought this would make him cooler but he was wrong. In the early 1950's, an unknown man attempted to murder him in the forest. In 1955, he had a child named Bill Gates, another very smart and rich guy. Eventually, Bill Gates had a child named Mark Zuckerberg. Since they were both in some way associated with Einstein, they were both incredibly smart, but not quite as smart as Einstein.
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His secret theory

Why We Know Who He Is

He did sciencey things, and he is believed to have invented the Spartan Laser, though this is up for debate. He was super smart, made evident by his head that was very large due to his brain size.


  • Einstein was smart.
  • Einstein had an IQ of OVER 9000! Not really, but that would be awesome. Well, no it wouldn't. If your IQ was OVER 9000, your head would Asplode.
  • Einstein had a really cool mustache.
  • Einstein was really smart.
  • Einstein is from the future, so technically he hasn't even been born yet.
  • Seriously, Einstein was really smart.
  • Einstein was so smart that if you even tried to be like him, your head would ASPLODE!

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