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" The one who inherits the red souls! AkaRed! "
" Fuck off, you bootleg Power Ranger. "
" Hey! I was just editing his page! "
AkaRed Ready for battle.gif
AkaRed's GIF pose.
Gender: Male
Species: Spandex Warrior
Home: ???
Death: Frozen by Thanos and Asploded
AKA: Aka.
Occupation: Killing Mario so that he can get Peach
Known For: Being the embodiment of all 40 Marios from Super Mario
UnRank: 40,000

AkaRed is the embodiment of all 40 of Mario's ancestors (don't ask). He is also Tabuu's heroic counterpart, despite the fact that AkaRed and Tabuu are from utterly different franchises (some obscure anime Tenth likes and Super Smash Bros).

His costume pays homage to Super Mario's "Super" form, which ultimately does not exist in our archives and therefore doesn't exist. He also pays homage to Luigi indirectly, the original Green Warrior from The Legend of Mario, which ultimately also never existed, by being Stupid.

When he walks, he simply slides forward while doing his GIF pose over and over.

He was ultimately frosted by Thanos. Although technically straight, his death forced made all the heroes in existence ever and all the villains us team up with This is Bob Westboro Baptist Church to picket his funeral because he was so gay. Thanos was there too, and Asploded him into tiny bits.


  • His name literally means "RedRed" in 3 different languages.
  • Squidward says not to check the GIF's file history.
    • We second this, but only if you have epilepsy.