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Ajit Pai
Oh boy

The face of trolling.

Gender: Male
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Unknown, thought either brown or red
Species: Human
Home: Real World
Death: N/A
AKA: The Internet Destroyer, the Final Boss of the Internet
Likes: Attempting to destroy the internet
Dislikes: UnAnything, the Internet
Education: Politician education
Occupation: The #1 Evil in the UnOmniverse
Known For: Repealing Net Neutrality in the Real World, being as powerful as the entire Lower Counsel roster combined
UnRank: Theta

Ajit Pai, hailing from an unknown area of the UnWorld, is the chairman and leader of the Federal Communications Commissions (FCC). People claimed him to be the "True Final Boss of the Internet" after Space Marine Soldier stepped down to become a hero (and undefeatable). Nobody likes him for no apparent reason..... Why though?


He is on the list of top 3 most powerful beings in the UnUniverse, taking down Sub-Basement Cat with a single blow (not that that lasted) and holding his own against Chuck Norriseegee, Weegee and Master Chief at the same time. He is over one hundred times stronger than UnWorld Chuck Norris, and can destroy entire solar systems with a wag of his finger. He was responsible for the end of YTMND and the Third Undefeatable War. Estimates at his UnRank ranged on the order of theta. Before his death, he was plotting to destroy the entire UnMultiverse, and may well have done so if the Coalition of the Internet hadn't intervened.

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