Cquote1 We CoD Enlightment Army members are true heroes. Cquote2
AdvancedEdition being a jerk and loyal to IntelligentCoDFanboy.

He's an MLG wannabe. Edgy.

Gender: Male
Hair color: Dark Brown
Eye color: Cannot tell thanks to those edgy MLG sunglasses.
Species: Human
Likes: CoD, Nazism, Killing, MLG, Trolling, etc.
Dislikes: Anything not CoD.
Education: No education; wasted his chance by studying guns and stuff.
Occupation: Killer, MLG gamer, Troll
Known For: Killing a lot of people
UnRank: -666,666,666,666,666,666,666

AdvancedEdition is a MLG wannabe troll who is a member of both the Galactic YouTube Trolling Crew and the Call of Duty Enlightment Army.

He represents the Argo Navis constellation, but really a combination of three constellations; the Carina (Keel), Puppis (Poop deck), and Vela (Sails) constellations.

He is also the leader of the MLG Troll League, and hired his good friend; MrGamingPerson as his second-in-command.

What AdvancedEdition did for a living is do nothing but playing Call of Duty while being an MLG-wannabe and studying guns and shit; speaking of which, he wasted his childhood studying guns and all that stuff so he can shoot/stab (Likes army knives, but hates swords) people when he's "old enough" and has the right equipment.

AdvancedEdition is also a worshipper of Adolf Hitler; just like xXMysteriousManXx (Another ally of his); making him kinda a Nazi.

He also made a lot of hate videos out of heroic people; especially CuteFuzzyWeasel. Speaking of, most of his videos of any kind were hate videos out of him.

AdvancedEdition had a tons of weapons; including pistols, shotguns, fire axes, tomahawks, army knives, bazookas, and a tank he drives in the public.