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Adolf "I Kill You" Hitler
Hitler showing off his brute strength by NOM-NOM-NOMing a watermelon.
Gender: Male
Hair color: He has a mustache!
Eye color: Filled with hate
Species: Nazi
Home: Germany
Death: Old age.
AKA: Rudolf Hitler or the Real Hitler
Likes: Killing People
Dislikes: Dying
Education: Nazism
Occupation: War-Starter
Known For: Are you kidding me?
UnRank: 1
" I am Adolf Hitler! You will serve me, and I will not kill you. Deal? "
  —Hitler, right before shooting anyone who doesn't say deal.

Adolf Hitler is a dead guy and the former terrorist leader of Germany, who shows off his brute strength by biting a watermelon. In an attempt to put memories of him in a shame, Hitario was hired. He was fired really soon for some random reason. He once tried to take over the world (OF COURSE!!!) by starting WWII, but ended up failing six years later, and killed himself with pills.

He was a notable man in different organizations. He was the leader of Greatest Court of UnWorld and director of YTPMV Records for 2.5 days..

In a last year he cloned himself and had the clone go to live in a bunker with all of the Nazi government and a horrible person called Fegelein. The bunker was later found by Chuck Norris, who scared the people inside so much they developed a way to slow down time in the bunker just to make sure Chuck Norris would eventually leave and they would still be alive.

For some reason his clone is WAAAAAAAAY smarter than the original.

Hitler was known for being the most evil man in World War II, and in history. This is good for him, because he got famous. This is bad for him, because about 95% of the world hates him. You win some, you lose some. But he lost a lot. He even lost the greatest war in history! That is why he is a loser. Other than that, he's an okay guy. Wait... he killed millions of people. He was evil. Due to his violent nature, G-Man would put him in stasis for 5 years. After his stasis time ran out, he was sent to the first EuroZone meeting and went on to run the new nation of the EuroZone, which is all the countries in Europe now just one country mixed together.

Some rumor that he inspired the evil Handpuppet Ducky, who has been (semi) successful in his mission to RULE THE WORLD!!! It is also rumoured that he had created the evil Cementygas.

Before Fuhrer-dom

Before Hitler was eve vice Fuhrer of Germany, he fell in love married a guy named Shrek. Together they had a child named King Pig. When Shrek was killed by Smile Dog, he fell into a deep depression, and this is why he has violent tendencies. He is avenging his lost husband. He also fought in WW1 alongside SCP-106.

Evil Gallery

Fuhrer of Germany
Vendetta Williams
1812-1942 Hitler's clone