Cquote1 Hello, may I ASS you a few questions Cquote2
Ass, er Ace Vertura

Ace Ventura is a crazy pet detective who drives everyone crazy but does a good job. His arch enemys are Murfee and Flo.

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Ace Ventura: The living defination of "Derp"


He got a car with customized mirrors that said "assholes in the mirror are closer" than they apear and disided to be a pet detective who annoys people. He always says the world ASS or something it gets really annoying. He was arrested multiple times for attacks on this evil kid named Murfee, but he is a jerk. He also has his own shame called Ace Ventura: Cheese Detective

Examples of a rescue

Here are some cases he's had

  • stole back a kidnapped Yorkie
  • Tracked down a stolen Dolphin
  • Caught a rare lost albino pigeon
  • Found a stolen albino bat
  • saved a dog from its evil owner
  • saved a horse from a glue company
  • punched Murfee in the face and "rescued" his brain
  • returned a baby elephant that had been stolen from a zoo by an animal rights orginazation
  • Saved a cheeta from getting hit by a car
  • Pushed Murfee into a lake filled with sharks and punched Flo
  • Said hi to Phil
  • did stuff
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