not to be confused with his evolution, Obamasnow.

Cquote1.png NOPE, you're not harming the Grass Kingdom on my watch! Cquote2.png
  —Abomasnow the King of Grass


Abomasnow is the husband of Tsareena, father of Snover (His good son) and Lilligant (His cruel daughter), and grandfather of Sunkern and Froslass. He is the reigning king of the Grass Pokemon Kingdom.

Abomasnow's all-time rival was Weavile, cruel mother of Sneasel and cruel queen of the Ice Pokemon Kingdom.

He wish he was the proud monarch of the Ice Pokemon Kingdom, but can't be because he's primarily a grass-type, unlike Weavile who broke the rules of leading a Pokemon Kingdom, having to rule your kingdom based on your primary type, yet is primarily dark-type and is only secondarily ice-type, meaning she has to rule the Dark Pokemon Kingdom rather than the Ice Pokemon Kingdom.

Along with his wife, children, and grandchildren, he was later murdered by Escavalier/PokeGray of the Vast Pokeforce just so he can save princess Lilligant/PokeChartreuse, whom later got married to Escavalier. This allowed Gogoat and Breloom to become the new king and queen of the Grass Pokemon Kingdom.

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