A Nightmare on Sesame Street 2: Fred's Revenge is a unsuccessful sequel to the box office success A Nightmare On Sesame Street also directed by Wario. It was only released straight to DVD because no one even bought it.


That Christmas sweater guy we call Fred wants to get his revenge on the Elmo Gang.


The first bad dream again

Telly Monster masturbates to the anime Oreimo until Fred jumps out of the computer screen and kills Telly. Telly then wakes up screaming like a little girl thinking it was all a nightmare.

The Non-Believers

Telly then races to the Elmo Gang and complains about the dream he had and thinks Fred will come back for revenge. They do not believe him and they laugh at him for it, until Fred jumps out of nowhere and threatens to kill Elmo. Telly then flips out that this nightmare came true.

The second bad dream

Ernie has a dream about going to the moon on a rocket ship until the rocket ship runs out of fuel and crashes into the moon blowing up Earth. Ernie wakes up in horror.

The next dream goes to Bert

Bert tells Ernie then to go back to sleep but this time Bert has a dream where Bear comes back as a ghost and eats him, he then proceeds to wake up screaming in terror.

Kermit the frog's dream

The next scene rolls in where Kermit passes out and has his dream where Fozzie Bear kills himself. This happens.

Fred comes back

Fred takes over Telly Monster's body wants to kill all of the Elmo gang.

Destroying Fred

The Elmo Gang tells Fred to go on the road only to get hit by a school bus ending this sequel.


  • This sequel is a massive failure
  • Telly's waifu was Kirino
  • This sequel makes no sense
  • You make no sense
  • Anyone who watched this found it retarded
  • You are retarded


The film was given only one star on IMDB. Despite the failure of this sequel a third installment was created.

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