Heavy Weapons Guy LOVES the AK-47!

The AK-47 is an official weapon of doom. It was created by soviet russian scientists led by Dr. Robotnik to PWN UnAmerican n00bs.

The name AK-47 stands for "Awesome Kills - 47" (number of awesome kills made during testing; there were 372 other kills that were not so awesome).

AK-47 is more deadly than most of the other weapons in the world. Some people even say it's more powerful than magnum. This strength cannot be explained by scientists, so experts say this gun is powered by magic. Soviet Russian dudes deny this because everything in Soviet Russia cannot be understood by YOU.

AK-47 was used by many guys from Soviet Russia, Hyrule, Squadala Empire, the Ducky Empire and the Bowser Army. The Teletubbies are also very fond of these guns, and think they are very fun.

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