European Boxart for 7 GRAND DAD

7 GRAND DAD is a shame that was made by a shames company called J.Y company named after Grand Dad and became popular due to a guy named Joel (a.k.a Vargskelethor) excessively yelling the word "Fleentstones". It became an Internet meme when a ripper named SiIvaGunner used it in his rips.

The Game It's self

Development History

One day, Grand Dad came to J.Y company and asked for a shame. They said ok and made the shame. It released on 1992 1.

Released On, and In

The shame was released for the Nintendo Entertainment System, in UnAmerica, Europe, and every where else on earth.


In the shame you play as Grand Dad. You can beat the s-word out of people using a primitive wooden club. The shame it’s self is a 2D platformer, like most shames on the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Rise of Fame

One day, Joel was messing around on his computer and decided to play Mario Bootlegs from Yo Mama's computer. He then came across a bootleg no-one had ever seen before. He then played it and caused him to have a breakdown due to its friggin' epic shameplay. Today, it is used to annoy the hell out of Spriters Resource admins.

"I only upload high quality video game rips"

A guy named SiIvaGunner or GiIvaSunner, what ever the hell you call him decided to make awesome song parodying the oh so original Grand Dad theme featured in the shame. This resulted in a community being formed, thus, making it a well-made meme.

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