The 5-Hole is the result of Captain 5 fusing with a black hole.



It started moving towards the UnWorld. Chuck Norris noticed it but then it sucked him in and ate him (He respawned, of course). Everyone stared at it, to scared to move and then it started sucking people up and resurrecting dead bad guys to kill everyone. Captain 0 tried to stop it but Andrew attacked him but they both got sucked in. It revived Andrew and kept killing people. Luckily the hole didn't eat 0 so he went to stop 5. He found 5 in the center were dead guy's bodies were swirling around. He pushed 5 into the center and out of the 5 hole which made the 5 hole explode. Without the 5 hole, revived villains became weaker and already weak villains started dying. Captain 0 than battled Captain 5, and killed him.

List of Guys it resurrected

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