4chan Sniper before he 4chan-ifies his victims
4chan Sniper

Gender: Male
Hair color: Dark Brown
Species: Human
Home: 2fort, TF2
Occupation: Sniper reading 4chan
UnRank: 4

4chan Sniper used to look exactly like The Sniper, but then he went on 4chan and suited his s*** up.

Whenever he kills his enemies he w***s his d***, and after he did so much 4chan stuff, he made his hat and shirt light green, then he did his pants dark green with Pedo Bear and "/b/" on each pair.

He summons Medic clones who help his a** out whenever he is 100% raged.

He likes trolling everybody on 4chan despite that we're all anonymous on that site. He's also friends with all the villains that exist.

How often does 4chan Sniper go on 4chan? Every 4 hours (Get it?), every day, this means he goes onto 4chan 6 times a day since there's 24 hours in 1 day.

He is the leader of 4chania, and none of the Satanist Empire members are part of it because they only like believing in Satanism rather than 4chanism.

He also r**ed all the female heroes (Or heroines I should say), but he was smacked into the face in order for them to be saved.

He and the rest of the villains were eventually forced to team up with all the heroes to defeat the biggest threat, This is Bob.

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