Is this why it is called 4chan????

4chan is an infamous imageboard site created by some cross-dressing fag named Christopher Poole. It is infamous for being full of fags. Contrary to popular belief, 4chan isn't actually as nasty as everyone thinks. The only thing that gives 4chan a bad name is due to /b/tards and /pol/lacks racists and bigots. Everyone posts anonymously, giving fags the privacy they needed so they could call others fags. It is also a place where beings such as Pedobear, Anonymous, Pepe the Frog, and 4chan Sniper were born. It also converted Shrek from a family movie into a weird porn.

4chan and its people

As mentioned before, 4chan is full of faggots (not to be confused with gay people). However, once the faggots of 4chan wanted to do something, either to troll, catch a criminal, or ruin someone's life, they assemble, doing whatever they can in order to achieve their goals. If an operation is successful, this forms the phenomenon known as the Weaponized Autism. Depending on the goal of 4chan, it can spark controversy and can also even be featured on the news headlines. One notable example of this is how 4chan memed Donald Trump into a president. The fact that socially-awkward faggots can change the course of history is truly amazing. Maybe next time, 4chan will meme a country into war.

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