Boring old 44 heading off to his boring old job

Gender: Male
Hair color: He's bald (and it's boring)
Eye color: Black
Species: Number
Home: UnAmerica
AKA: Boring Guy
Likes: His family
Dislikes: mean guys
Education: Boring College
Occupation: A boring office job
Known For: being absolutely boring
UnRank: 5

44 is one of the most boring people in the UnWorld. He lives in a boring little city in UnAmerica. He has a boring generic office job where he goes into his cubicle and does paperwork. He is a boring wife named Mary (how boring!) and two kids named Timmy and Sally (even more boring!). He is sooooooo boring that he shouldn't even be on this wiki! He eats boring food like toast and coffee. He is a boring Facebook account with generic and boring photos. He also likes to watch and read boring news and is bald, which is boring (no offense to bald people). I'd be surprised if you weren't bored to just reading this! The guy that interviewed him was bored to death by the first sentence!.

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