42 Desktop

A computer with the 42 virus.

42 was an impostor of THE REAL 42 that would form itself into a worm virus and randomly appear on some dumbo's desktop as "Click here to learn 42!!!". Upon clicking the icon, the victim will not learn 42 and instead, will be presented with a picture of Pikachu pinning Ash to the ground and continuously kicking his thigh. The worm would then send an email to Weegee telling him to kill the victim while he/she is asleep and finally, make the computer asplode.

This virus was invented by Bill Gates. He was originally trying to invent the steam locomotive, but after Google was invented, Gates was so pissed, he invented this virus, and sent it at Google. It evolved somehow, and started attacking other people on its own. It is now one of the most powerful viruses you can find.

There is almost no anti-virus software powerful enough to take care of the 42 virus, so only the Undefeatables and Weegee can not receive this virus. Bill Gates even got it once, but he recognized it, and blew up his computer with a Rocket Launcher. The Police arrest everyone who gets this virus even though they aren't committing a crime. The only way to block the 42 virus is to use the power of the real 42, which Nobody wields. The only antivirus that can take this monstrosity of a program down is Chuck Norris Antivirus.

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