3 eyed Koala


The 3 Eyed Koala is a koala that has 3 eyes! If you look at him, it will turn you into stone! (Actually its just his eye in the middle of his forehead but no body knows that) He is a member of The Eye Monkeys. The 3 Eyed Koala abuses this power to kill people and to use it to take it over the world. Who gave him these powers? Why, it was the Medusa herself! He was even her pet! This was how it went and how he obtained his power... *dramatic silence*.

The Day Medusa Adopted Him

The day Medusa adopted him was a day of joy for the world. Medusa, being all bored and all by herself on her island, wanted some company besides the stone statues of people that came onto her island. So she traveled to the island of Crete and went to the local pet shelter to adopt a pet. She found Petey the Koala (now the 3 Eyed-Koala) and wanted to get him. However, she didn't have any Rupees to adopt him so she just petrified the worker. She went back on her island and wanted to give the 3 Eyed Koala lots of free space so she gave him half of the island which was stupid of her because she could never find him again since her island is very large. However, the day she was slayed by Perseus ,and when Perseus killed her, she noticed that the 3 Eyed Koala was living on her leg the whole time and as she was dying, she wanted the 3 Eyed Koala to take her place in the world and take over it so she took the eye of a statue and put it on his forehead. The eye had the power to turn people into stone. Perseus never noticed him and he sailed away back home. Now the 3 Eyed Koala ventures the world, turning people into stone, one person at a time. Though there have been leads to where he might currently be.


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