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Ffxi9.JPG Aw shoot, 3 can't be eaten by Goombas!

But beware, there may be a lot of Goombas resting in this area that will eat you instead!
Wowie kaplowie!

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Wikipedia has an article on 3, check it out here! Although it probly isn't as good as ours...
3...3...tree...I mean 3...
Gender: Male(?)
Age: 3
Species: Numeral
Home: The Underworld
AKA: Tres, Big 3, etc.
Likes: Killing
Dislikes: Not Killing
Occupation: Killer
Alignment: Democrat
UnRank: 3

3 is a magic number, and an assassin of the underworld. He quit 1234567890 to go to the underworld and do evil stuff. He's looking for good guys to kill them for money, and so far he has assassinated a Fakegee, C2, Notch Baby Yoshi, and so many other guys, we're not sure how many guys he's killed.

3 was once just a normal number, you know, besides the mental disorders. He worked with the other numbers on GOOD GUY things. Then he found a Magnum, used it, and decided he liked killing.

Since then, he has become the most elite assassin of the entire UnUniverse. He became so powerful, he chose to climb the UnRank Scales. He won, and is now considered an Undefeatable.

Kill Count





  • Did you know that if you count 6 in 3 digits you will get a number? Try it! It's fun.
  • He's the most wanted number in the UnWorld.
  • TOP SECRET INFORMATION: He's currently hiding under your bed.
  • 3 got to become a Undefeatable when he got shot 88 times and lived!
  • 3's best friend is 7.
  • 3 wants 7 to be an Undefeatable because he wants to hang out with him more. HE ONLY GETS TO VISIT ON THURSDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYS!
  • 3 is rivals with -3 and E (number).
  • He is also a democratic in the 1234567890.
  • He once fought Captain 100 in a fight and won, but 100 respawned.