The 2020s is the current decade. It began on January 1, 2020 and will end on December 31, 2029. It is a continuity of the late 2010s but even more shittier, that is all you need to know.


  • Shames no longer exist.
  • The PS5 is the last PlayStation console to be ever created.
  • Malls and movie theatres become extinct
  • Digital download replaces Blu ray and dvds
  • Team Fortress 2 and Minecraft will close down
  • You will talk with your phone with your hand
  • A revival of mid-late 2000s toys and movies
  • Another revival to early 2010s stuff
  • Too many reboots of 90s crap
  • The Simpsons is cancelled
  • More genders than male and female will exist
  • The internet becomes TV lite.
  • 4K Definition is finally in use.
  • World War III finally happens, and Adolf Hitler comes back from hell as a ghost.
  • Rareware returns back to Nintendo forever.
  • Kmart goes bankrupt
  • Apple stops making iPhones
  • Over half the world will be dying alone
  • America becomes a communist country and a piss poor version of Sweden.
  • Most of the Old memes of the 2009~2013 and the pre 2009 era are still being used to this day but not quite as often because the internet never forgets.
  • Indians surpasses the Japs for continuing to breed like rabbits, and India becomes the most populous country on Earth.
  • NumberBlocks Crap
  • Coronavirus is everywhere.
  • Amanda gets deleted from YouTube but comes back
  • Music slowly gets better

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