Cquote1 IT'S THE FUTURE!!!!! Cquote2
Some stupid futurist on 2020

2020 is the current year that began without fanfare. It began on Wednesday, January 1, 2020 (DUH!!!) 'nuff said.

Boring events

  • January 1 - One shitty decade ends, and a even more shittier decade begins
  • January 2 - Some stuff from the early 2010's and stuff from the 1990's make a complete comeback
  • January 3 - Crappy pop music just got even more crappier.
  • January 6 - The Unanything Team celebrates Unanything Wiki's 10th anniversary
  • Date unknown - Most cars are electric.
  • February 14 - Yoshikoopa arises from his ancient slumber after 10 years. YouTube celebrates it's 15th anniversary.
  • December 31 - Adobe Flash dies. T-T
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