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2 is the King of Number Island for unknown reasons, since he is worse than 3. 2 started his life as a common number that lived in Number Island, his parents were Miss 13 and Mr. 14. His evil twin is -2 that lives in the Negativerse in Negative Island and is a total freaky number that wants to rule the world. He grew up and wanted to became a police man, but could not because he became a king. He is also a member of the 1234567890.


  • 3 doesn't accept 2 as the King of the Island
  • Strangely enough he has no castle, since the isle has just one building: the !'s Orange House.


He once arrested Missingno for glichting the whole world with pixels. Missingno broke out of jail and was hiding in a box, Mario and Link broke the box and 2 arrested Missingno again.

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