1989 is an album made by Taylor Swift. This album features well-known drunk dance party songs like Shake It Off and infamous jokes like Blank Space. All in all, a very weird album.

Due to Taylor Swift being a famous country to pop star, a pun emerged having to do with her song, Shake It Off, from the album 1989. The pun is "Taylor Swift shook off country music". That's seriously the best pun that Swifties could come up with. But seriously, at least she DID shake off country music, like no one listens to that.

Several of the songs on this album are clearly about Taylor Swift's many past boyfriends. An obvious example is "Style" being based on Harry Styles. However, one of them is about her frenemy, Katy Perry. That song is Bad Blood. The lyrics show that the blood inside of both Katy and Taylor is bad. That's what Taylor says, and she blames it on Katy declaring "Take a look what you've done."

Obviously, Taylor had to have a world tour with her new album. She called it the "1989 World Tour". She just named it after her album instead of trying to think of something different. This may not be bad however because other names she could have given the tour are "Out of Style World Tour" and the "Now We Got Bad Blood World Tour". We would all rather have her tour named after her birth year than part of her disgusting lyrics, wouldn't we? Due to this album's fame, she has quit making new albums that may be unsuccessful, and she will just make money off of 1989.

Track Listing

Song Title Image YouTube Views Billboard Hawt 100 Peak Length
Welcome to New York N/A #48 3:32
Blank Space 2.1 Billion #01 3:51
Style 503 Million #06 3:51
Out of the Woods 120.8 Million #18 3:55
All You Had to Do Was Stay N/A #92 3:13
Shake it Off 2.3 Billion #01 3:39
I Wish You Would N/A #37 3:27
Bad Blood 1.1 Billion #01 3:31
Wildest Dreams 565.8 Million #05 3:40
How You Get the Girl N/A N/A 4:07
This Love N/A N/A 4:10
I Know Places N/A #51 3:15
Clean N/A N/A 4:30
Wonderland N/A #51 4:05
You Are in Love N/A #29 4:27
New Romantics 67.2 Million #46 3:50
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