10 is a number and member of the 1234567890. He is the 15th member, because who needs logic? 10 once tried to kill Chuck Norris, and of course, lost and DIED!! He is the second number to die. (1st being 9. Yes, 9 is 1st.) He also was the best friend of 3, but when he died, 7 took that place.
Number-10-clipart-gif 5025-Clipart-Illustration-of-Number-Ten-Cartoon-Mascot-Character


June 13th, 2014. In order to impress 1's wife, 186, 10 tried to assassinate Chuck Norris. Chuck was in the Mushroom Kingdom, driving in a car, and 10 and 186 went into Hotel Mario's 6th floor, and at the hallway window, tried to shoot Chuck Norris. Mr. Norris saw it coming, jumped up, and with his bar feet broke the window, landing in. He did a SUPER WHOPPER MEGA QUADRA EXCELLENT TRIPE DOUBLE UBER AWESOME ROUNDHOUSE KICK at him. That, of course, killed him. 186 survived apparently.

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