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Cquote1 ยฅฮฉU MU$โ€  dฤฑโˆ‘!!!11! Cquote2
Haxix MK-ฮฑ RAID

A victim's computer raided by ๐Œบ-๐Œบ, saying "ยฅฮฉU MU$โ€  dฤฑโˆ‘!!!11!".

๐Œบ-๐Œบ (A.K.A. Haxix MK-ฮฑ, K-K, R-R, Kusma Virus or Ze Hax) is an intelligent robotic computer virus created by LOL. Mechanics (LIVE Overdrive "L"-etronics) to infiltrate terrorist computers. But was infected by a worm virus, and started surfing other parts of the internet, waiting for a victim to log on to the site he infected. His biggest enemy is Dr. Hax, because he tries to stop him from hacking (but can't, since he is master hacker).

๐Œบ-๐Œบ is actually made of worms, but he doesn't know that. He thinks his intelligence comes from Albert Einstein's brain.

It is unknown who programmed the virus, but people speculate that Bob the Builder did it.


  • He is downloaded on computers by "One Tip for a Flat Belly" ads, fake Flash updates, and survey scams.
  • L.O.L. Mechanics also invented Taboola and Outbrain.
  • If you ask him nicely, he'll restore your files and stuff.
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